1. Majority of the members in this network have very poor ability to express themselves in their native dialect or in English. - True

2. If ever they blog or post a dscussion they thought they are sending a text message.- True

3. Most of them have no clue that when you post your thoughts or ideas you have a responsibility to be clear and be inderstood. - True

4. I am a Lawisanon and you are a Lawisanon, I am proud that I can express myself in my dialect, in my country's national language and in a language that is internationally understood and accepted. Do you take pride of making yourself understood? No, I don't think so!

 Lawisanon wake up and make yourself be counted and be apart of those who see success not just on the cash they save, the rank or postion they received but most of all the degree of real brain power you earned and the growth you achieved.

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